Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ok, let's try that again

Jennifer: Ok, I didn't have the heart to pull the plug on Pearls of Amicus. Sounds corny, but I kinda of felt like closing the blog would have been closing a part of Holly and I's friendship. Granted our friendship existed before the blog and sure, it wouldn't have disppeared with the delete of a button. Nevertheless, this blog has been a definite outlet for us to discuss issues that have affected us and other friends of ours...for better or for worse.  So here we go bringing you back to regular programming....definitely not at the top of the Nielsen ratings, but looking to be around for a while longer.

Where to the last couple of months not too much has changed. Keeping busy, with work and trying to maintain a social calendar so as not to become a cat lady sans cat...due to cat allergy and apartment pet policy. I've joined a softball league with some co-workers and have discovered that in softball years 36 is old. After the last practice, I found myself sprawled on the couch with bag of frozen corn on my shoulder, and peas on my knees. I was tempted to use the leftover Oxycontin from my surgery last year, but decided that it wasn't wise as my health insurance wouldn't pop for a really nice rehab facility. So went to the back up and took three Tylenol PMs with my Snapple and fell into a restful sleep that was undisturbed until 7 the next morning. That's kind of my life and home, spotted with random social events.

As always, new friend issues and situations come up and hope to address here on this blog. It seems like almost everyday something pops up in that fits into the friend-relationship arena. So instead of my usual of just texting Holly while I should be working, I will attempt to regularly write here. I think due to our schedules sometimes I will write, sometimes Holly will write, and sometimes we will both write.

All in the name of progress, and being somewhat timely with posts.

Holly:  Wow, it's been so long (too long) since I've logged on to write a post, that Blogger system changed.  Yep, that's just embarassing.  I'm so glad we renewed, it's the very least we could do.  I mean afterall, we still blog...but I believe in real life time, people call it texting.  Yes, that right...still keeping my unlimited plan, as Jenn and I continue to text back and forth a zillion times a day, from light humor topics to downright arguments.  How many of you can say you've solved a problem via text?!?

I think of this renewal of the blog similar to renewing our vows of friendship.  Not in a weird "friend contract" kind of way; yet more in a we decided we would do this together, so let's see it through-kind of way.  Since there's probably a lack of applause thats occuring with this announcement, I'll take the time and say "WELCOME BACK GIRLS OF PEARLS!"

The past few days, er, weeks, er, months?!? has brought on a lot the same and a lot of changes.  We must introduce you to our new life as we know it, Holly as a mom and Jenn as a reluctant diaper changing auntie.  Fun times, ahead.  I promise.


  1. Yay! So glad y'all decided to renew. Welcome back & I look forward to reading more. :D

  2. Rae, how's the UAE treating you?!?

  3. Pretty good, thanks for asking. I love it here. Not enough to stay forever (I'll always love the US), but I do love it here. :D